gettyimagesRIO DE JANEIRO, BRASIL, â 12 JUNE 2014: Global Broadcasters Capture Fan's Enjoyment of the World Cup Experience in Rio de Janeiro. For more than 30 years, a square in the Tujica area of Rio is turned into a singing, dancing football festival, where thousands of fans gather around a large screen in a beautiful urban setting, drinking cheap Brahma and munching on hot dogs as they watch their team in action.Called the 'Alzirao' - or 'big Alzira' - named after the street Alzira Brandao, where it is located. These fans emjoyed the live feed from the opening ceremony, in Sao Paulo then applauded and celebrated the performance of Brazil against Croatia. The opening match of the World Cup ended 3-1 to the home side. (Photo by Toby Smith for SES/Getty Images)